Genomics Services

Eremid's genomics team is here to support you in all aspects of your genomics research. From study design and sample preparation to data analysis, integration and interpretation - our services are designed with scalability, quality, and reproducibility in mind.

A rapid, cost-effective research services solution

Our highly qualified scientists have expertise across multiple technologies, including genome sequencing, gene expression quantification, and variant discovery.

We want to help you get from sample to data in minimal time. That’s why we deliver fully customizable genomics services including, but not limited to, whole genome sequencing and assembly, targeted genotyping, transcriptome sequencing and expression quantification, epigenetic analysis, and microbiome profiling.

With options from short and long read sequencing, to low and high throughput, our cutting-edge methods, assays, and protocols are here to transform your genomics research.

Our customer-oriented team is experienced in a wide range of applications related to AgBiotech, Food and Nutrition, and Human Health. As a PacBio® certified service provider and one of the most capable genomics laboratories in North America, our genomics services offer you fast and accurate results using a unique combination of expertise and cutting-edge technologies from Illumina, Pacific Biosciences, 10x Genomics, and NanoString.

Genomics Sequencing Services

  • Whole or targeted Genome Sequencing
  • Low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Exome Sequencing
  • Infinium genotyping array

Transcriptomics Sequencing Services

  • RNA sequencing from tissue or single-cell
  • Full-length mRNA sequencing (Iso-Seq)
  • Small-RNA sequencing
  • Targeted RNA sequencing
  • Targeted gene expression profiling (Nanostring pre-made and customizable panels)
  • Viral detection 

Epigenetics Sequencing Services

  • Whole-genome bisulfite and enzymatic-based Methylation sequencing
  • Targeted Methylation sequencing (Capture Methyl-seq)
  • Infinium methylation profiling array
  • Hi-C sequencing (chromatin conformation)
  • ATAC sequencing from tissue or single-cell (chromatin accessibility)
  • ChipSeq and CUT&RUN sequencing (chromatin accessibility)

Metagenomics Sequencing Services

  • Microbiome species profiling (16S/18S/ITS)
  • Microbiome functional profiling
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"Eremid provides the support we need to make a global impact in our large immunogenomic oncology clinical studies. The team’s expertise and flexibility from assay design to data delivery is helping us achieve our vision – an ideal research partner." Geoffrey Erickson, Immunis AI, MI USA — Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
"Working with Eremid has been a pleasure. We received excellent data with a very fast turnaround and appreciated the attentive and helpful project management!" Steve Watkins, BCD Biosciences, CA USA — CEO