Bioinformatics Analysis

Supporting our multi-disciplinary approach to research, our dedicated bioinformatics team employs a broad range of analytical tools and expertise to acquire, integrate, and optimize the disparate data from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and in vitro studies.

The ability to analyze data as a whole and through multiple approaches enables the opportunity for a more comprehensive and intricate understanding of results.

In addition, for metabolomics studies, the team’s experience in using data visualization tools such as MarkerLab® means we can present case versus control comparisons from metabolomics data, with pertinent information immediately visible. We can display fold-change, p-values, and links to relevant metabolomics databases in context, and populate common pathway maps with your data, enabling you to assess, organize, and further interrogate the data easily.

A selection of our bioinformatic team’s services include:


  • Advanced Sequencing QC Analysis
  • Reference mapping/alignments
  • Variant Calling (SNV/SNP)
  • Structural Variation Detection (indels, inversions, CNV, etc.)
  • De novo genomic assembly, finishing, and annotation
  • Metagenomic assembly
  • Transcriptomics
    • Novel splicing sites, exon, and transcript discovery
    • RNASeq and Differential Expression Analysis (including microarray data)
    • Small RNA analysis
    • De novo assembly
    • RNA secondary structure prediction
  • Pathway analysis
  • Targeted Resequencing Analysis
  • Bis-DNA and methylated DNA sequencing analysis
  • ChIP-Seq analysis
  • Phylogenetics
  • BLAST/database querying and analysis
  • Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)


  • Expression profiling
  • Pathway analysis
  • BLAST/database querying and analysis
  • Pattern discovery
  • Motif discovery
  • Signal peptide discovery
  • Secondary structural determination and prediction
  • Clustering


  • Pathway analysis
  • Data annotation
  • Multivariate analysis

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Looking for deeper insights on your next project? Discuss a project
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