Metabolomic Services

Human Semi-quantitative Discovery Panel

A vital component of studying mammalian metabolism, our Human Discovery panel provides valuable insights into metabolic processes specific to:

  • Growth
  • Development
  • Reproduction
  • Metabolic functioning

As such, our Discovery panel is ideal for monitoring and metabolic profiling of changes associated with diet, exercise, and disease states where metabolic perturbation is apparent.

Our Human Discovery panel standards library consists of more than 600 unique biochemicals covering primary mammalian metabolism across a variety of chemical classes:

  • Carboxylic acids, Amino acids
  • Biogenic amines, Polyamines
  • Nucleotides, Co-Enzymes and Vitamins
  • Monosaccharides and disaccharides
  • Fatty acids, Lipids, Steroids, and Hormones

The metabolomics team will run these samples on an integrated dual LC-MS and 2D-GC-MS platform, and combine the data in our proprietary software to provide straightforward visualization and case-control comparisons.

Looking for deeper insights on your next project?

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Looking for deeper insights on your next project? Discuss a project
"Working with Eremid has been a pleasure. We received excellent data with a very fast turnaround and appreciated the attentive and helpful project management!" Steve Watkins, BCD Biosciences, CA USA — CEO