Metabolomic Services

Plant Targeted Metabolomics Panels

Our range of plant targeted panels are ready to use and, combined with our metabolomics team’s expert analysis and data visualization, offer a comprehensive analysis of key plant metabolites.

Volatiles and Aroma Compounds panel

Assess a range of 65 volatile aromatic compounds found in fruits and vegetables shown to be important for olfactory and taste perception.

The metabolomics team can expand or customize this panel to suit your application.

Steviol Glycosides panel

Steviol glycosides are naturally occurring compounds that afford a calorie-free alternative to sugar with 30-150 times the sweetness. This panel provides the ability to take quantitative measurements of 14 steviol glycosides extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana.

Cannabinoids panel

The cannabinoids panel quantitatively measures 19 cannabinoids in plant material, extracts, and isolates. This panel is more comprehensive than other commercially available panels, making it an ideal option in trait and crop development studies.

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Looking for deeper insights on your next project? Discuss a project
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