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What you’ll get with our NMR Services:

  • Access one of the best-equipped NMR facilities in North America
  • Support from an expert and experienced team of scientists
  • Proven history of excellence in protein and small molecule characterization

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Our commitment to you includes:

  • Expert consultancy on the best way to undertake the research
  • Explaining timelines, and level of investment
  • Providing regular, proactive updates on the status of your project

About Eremid™

Born out of a long history of providing ground-breaking research and development solutions to academic, government, and industry scientists, we combine the expertise and instrumentation to accelerate your R&D.

Our NMR Laboratory provides access to a variety of state-of-the-art instrumentation for protein and small molecule characterization, and our scientists are experienced in using NMR for a variety of analyses, including:

  • Impurity identification
  • Three-dimensional structures
  • Protein-ligand binding
  • Binding site determination
  • Protein-protein and protein-DNA complex formation
  • Protein motion and diffusion

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"Working with Eremid has been a pleasure. We received excellent data with a very fast turnaround and appreciated the attentive and helpful project management!" Steve Watkins, BCD Biosciences, CA USA — CEO