Vivarium Services

Eremid™ offers Vivarium services accredited by AAALACi and staffed by an Attending Veterinarian and certified laboratory animal care scientists and technicians.

Ethical and humane laboratory animal care

Eremid offers a full vivarium facility and services, managed by experts dedicated to maintaining the welfare of all laboratory animals under our care, our vivarium team includes a board-certified attending veterinarian, supported by certified animal care technicians and technologists.

Accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALACi) since 2010, our facility is subject to oversight and compliance management for all animal use protocols, reviewed by an International Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Biosafety Committee.

All our staff strictly adhere to the Animal Welfare Act, the “Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”, and the Publish Health Service Policy. So, you can be assured that will uphold the highest standards of animal care and regulatory compliance.

Our Vivarium facility

Our vivarium services are based in a 40,000 square foot, wirelessly enabled facility with the capacity to house more than 11,000 rodent cages.

In addition to housing, our vivarium facility includes:

  • Environmentally controlled animal housing and procedure rooms with biosafety cabinets
  • Clean/dirty cage wash areas
  • Surgical and necropsy suites with surgical and anesthetic assistance
  • Storage for feed and bedding, general supplies, and carcasses
  • A food preparation area
  • Enclosed loading and receiving area
  • Security and monitoring, including
    • Card and key pad access system
    • Security cameras
    • Environmental monitoring and alarm system
  • Personnel space with offices, lockers, and rest areas

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Program Director/Attending Veterinarian
IACUC Administrator

Glicerio Ignacio DVM MA DACLAM
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Looking for deeper insights on your next project? Discuss a project
"Working with Eremid has been a pleasure. We received excellent data with a very fast turnaround and appreciated the attentive and helpful project management!" Steve Watkins, BCD Biosciences, CA USA — CEO