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The cream of the crop

Find out how combining omics technologies – including genomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics – and innovative analysis techniques are driving forward our understanding of crop breeding and sustainable agriculture.

Article excerpt:
“Optimizing crop traits has underpinned agricultural practices for thousands of years. Originally, selective breeding was used to yield offspring with desired traits. In modern times, the combined utilization of genetic engineering and -omics technologies are breaking new ground in producing better quality cultivars. Since -omics technologies themselves are undergoing rapid development, emerging and innovative strategies are set to continue to improve crop optimization.”

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Want to speed up your crop breeding strategy or better understand your crops so that you can selectively breed towards higher-quality harvests? Modern molecular tools such as multi-omics are making it possible to meet the ever-increasing demands in agriculture.

In our article – “The cream of the crop: crop trait development research with multi-omics and QTL mapping” – we discuss how -omics technologies can be utilized to enhance trait development studies.

About Eremid

At Eremid®, we’re all about quality research – whether that’s helping our customers connect with the latest studies in their field, or providing access to the cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise needed to accelerate your R&D.

If you’re involved in crop trait development, we have the tools and expertise to enhance and accelerate your work. Combining the power of genomics and metabolomics with an expert research team, we can assist with everything from experiment planning and execution to data analysis and interpretation.

We offer a wide range of sequencing technologies – including platforms from Illumina, Pacific Biosciences, 10x Genomics, and NanoString – and metabolomics platforms – including multiple NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry platforms. By combining these approaches, you can gain deeper insights into biological processes, helping drive forward your plant trait development research.

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