As the demand for healthier and sustainable food products increases, agricultural biotechnology leverages complex analytical tools to characterize and understand the impact of biological changes on crops and livestock animals.

Multi-disciplinary, multi-platform solutions

We help our clients’ research and product development, generating data for plant breeding programs, gene editing programs, shelf-life, taste, and phytochemical production by providing multi-platform profiling of a variety of species, and characterization of natural products.

Our commitment to you includes:

  • Expert consultancy on the best way to undertake the research
  • Explaining timelines, and level of investment
  • Providing regular, proactive updates on the status of your project
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"Working with Eremid has been a pleasure. We received excellent data with a very fast turnaround and appreciated the attentive and helpful project management!" Steve Watkins, BCD Biosciences, CA USA — CEO