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Studying the miniature world with massive consequence

The plant microbiome has a profound influence in agriculture. Microorganisms can help boost plant growth, control pathogens, and resist extreme environmental conditions such as drought.

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“Some 20 years on from when it was first coined, the term ‘microbiome’ has become universal – and not just in the research community. From gracing our television screens to being scrawled on the back of our skincare products, ‘microbiome’ is everywhere. More importantly, the microbiome is actually everywhere. And, we have only just scratched the surface of its importance.”

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Complex microbial communities are implicated in important agricultural factors, from crop yield, flavor, and disease resistance to the health of livestock and even companion animals.

With sustainability becoming an increasing critical issue, deciphering how microorganisms confer these important benefits is essential. In our article – “Studying the miniature world with massive consequence: sustainable agriculture and multi-omics”, we discuss how can drive these studies forward.

About Eremid

At Eremid®, we’re all about quality research – whether that’s helping our customers connect with the latest studies in their field, or providing access to the cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise needed to accelerate your R&D.

If you’re looking to delve into the invisible world of the microbiome, we have the tools to help. Combining the power of genomics and metabolomics with an expert research team, we can assist with everything from experiment planning and execution to data analysis and interpretation.

  • Advanced metagenomic techniques to provide functional data regarding the role of plant microbiomes in ecological processes such as nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, or how animal microbiomes react to environmental changes.
  • Targeted, untargeted, and custom metabolomics panels to reveal the mechanics of host-microbiome messengers.
  • Complex metatranscriptomic analyses for accurate detailing of microbial gene expression in animals.
  • Advanced NMR and mass spectroscopy platforms for metabolomic analysis, including an ultra-high field 950 MHz instrument, for detailing how complex host-microbiome interactions affect characteristics like milk protein yield in cattle.

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