Human Health

Drug Discovery and Development

Target/therapeutic interaction and genomic studies

Gaining structural insights through NMR

Determining the binding site interaction between your protein target and potential small molecule or biotherapeutic is of critical importance in the drug discovery process. However, the tools and expertise required to produce these data are specialized, costly and time-consuming to build and maintain in-house.

We have both the expertise and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments (including a 950 MHz system) to accelerate your drug discovery and development. With the ability to observe interactions between your target proteins and potential therapeutics, assess structural relationships in solution, and map key binding sites, we can support you in improving the kinetic properties of promising ligands through better design.

Better drug discovery and development through genomics

Understanding the cause and effect of disease at the molecular and physiological level supports the identification of better potential drug targets. Many potential therapeutics fail to translate from bench to bedside because there is insufficient understanding of the drug target and the disease.

Our team has the experience and the tools to advance the identification and characterization of your target, through both pharmacogenomics (sequencing, statistical genetics, gene expression), and pharmacometabolomics (metabolomics signatures, global panel discovery).

We understand that you face many challenges on the route to drug discovery and development, our Genomics, Metabolomics, NMR, and Bioinformatics services are fully customizable to ensure you can efficiently and rapidly reach your goals.


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