Crop Protection Research

Improving crop yields one step at a time

Revolutionizing crop protection research with a multi-omics approach

Agriculture is evolving at a rapid rate, with farmers looking to protect crops from disease and, ultimately, increase yields with minimal environmental impact. The key to better crop protection strategies lies in understanding the environmental pressures that affect growers so that we can help to protect harvests globally.

We work with key collaborators to better understand pathological interactions in plants. Along with our extensive expertise in plant-microbe interactions and genomics, we support the development of disease-resistant seeds to help combat blight and many other diseases that can cause social and economic devastation. We also help develop strategies to control disease and new modes of action for herbicides and fungicides.

At Eremid, our team combines multiple platforms and scientific understanding to test new approaches in crop protection and support the demands for increased yield and overall agricultural productivity.

Because we understand that you face many challenges in your research, our Genomics and Bioinformatics services are fully customizable to ensure you can efficiently and rapidly reach your crop protection research goals.


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