Plant and Animal Microbiome Studies

Improving plant and animal health

Unlocking the power for your plant and animal microbiome studies

Microbiomes play essential roles in the health states of crops, companion animals, and livestock. In plants, the microbiome plays a critical role in abiotic stress resistance, nutrient uptake, and pathogen resistance. In livestock, microbes modulate production (milk or meat), health, and even breeding.

Understanding the genotypic and phenotypic traits of microbial populations can reveal key factors involved in microbe-microbe interactions, plant/animal-microbe interaction, and help determine the basis of disease resistance and susceptibility.

Our multidisciplinary research teams can offer end-to-end help with sample collection to extraction and microbiome analysis at different levels of complexity. This includes taxonomic characterization using 16S/18S/ITS profiling, and functional characterization of the plant and animal microbiome population (metagenomics and metatranscriptomics), including sub-genomic element association with whole microbe genomes (Hi-C).

At Eremid, we understand that you face many challenges during your plant and animal microbiome studies. That’s why our Genomics and Bioinformatics services are fully customizable to help you efficiently and rapidly reach your goals.


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