Plant Characterization

Plant characterization for new therapeutic and nutritional value

Gaining multi-omic insight to plant characteristics

Many companies and research institutions are looking to find solutions to dietary deficits through the inclusion of plant-based bioactive components, such as catechins, flavonoids, and polysaccharides in functional foods. With growing demand for more plant-based products, understanding the characteristics of plant strains that express key components offers the ability to harness this information for selective breeding programs.

At Eremid, our team helps you to validate dietary potential through a cost-effective multi-platform approach including fully customizable Genomics, Metabolomics, NMR, and Bioinformatics services.

We use cutting-edge technologies to elucidate the genomic and metabolomic signature of your plant species to ensure you get accurate and consistent data. With this approach, you gain invaluable insight and get to the goal of advanced plant breeding and product development in record time.


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