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RNA Sequencing Services

Our team is here to support you with an extensive range of cost-effective and innovative RNA sequencing services, from sequencing to target RNA profiling, helping you meet your specific scientific goals.

As part of our comprehensive RNA sequencing services offering, our team provides a complete assembly and analysis service, including RNA extraction and high-quality library preparation, using state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing platforms.

We will work with you to develop the best RNA sequencing approach, obtain the data you need at the level of detail and quality you require, and help you analyze and interpret in the context of your study.

Take advantage of our expertise with our wide range of RNA sequencing services:


RNA sequencing is a cost-effective method that enables you to assess the whole transcriptome and specific transcriptional responses with the unbiased analysis of coding RNA (mRNA).

3’ RNA-sequencing

3’ RNA-sequencing is a relatively new technique that eliminates bias associated with transcript length and fragmentation. In 3’ RNA-sequencing, cDNAs are reverse transcribed from the 3′ end of mRNAs, generating a single copy which helps to standardize read coverage and increase the accuracy of your data.

Full-length mRNA sequencing (Iso-Seq)

Iso-Seq enables contiguous full-length transcripts of 10 kb or longer to be sequenced producing full-length transcripts using a Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing approach. Iso-Seq eliminates errors associated with short-read sequencing increasing your data accuracy and reliability.

Small RNA sequencing

Isolate and sequence small RNAs such as microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs with our small RNA sequencing service. Small RNA sequencing allows you to accurately examine the differential expression of all small RNAs – with unparalleled specificity.

Target RNA profiling

Target RNA profiling allows you to assess the expression of a specific subset of transcripts important to your research. With enrichment or amplicon-based approaches, target RNA profiling offers a highly accurate alternative to whole RNA sequencing.

Single cell RNA-Sequencing

Assess gene expression across thousands of single-cells with our single-cell sequencing service. See how expression differs in a population of heterogeneous cells, for a high-resolution snapshot of cell-to-cell transcriptional variation.


Find out how we can help you meet your RNA sequencing goals


With extensive expertise in AgBiotech, Food and Nutrition, and Human Health, our team can help you find the RNA sequencing services you need.

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