27 Jun 2023

NEWS RELEASE: Eremid secures $3.0M investment from Coddle Creek Capital



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Eremid® Genomic Services secures further $3.0M investment from Coddle Creek Capital

Venture capital firm reinforces commitment to genomics community through investment to expand Eremid’s clinical genomics capabilities with latest technologies

Eremid® Genomic Services science team with Coddle Creek Capital investors

KANNAPOLIS, NC, USA (June 26, 2023) –  Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC (“Eremid”), a leading-edge genomics CRO, has announced that it has secured an additional $3.0M investment from venture capital firm Coddle Creek Capital (“CCC”) following its acquisition in 2022. CCC’s Fund 2 will support Eremid’s continued growth and the expansion of its clinical genomics capabilities, reinforcing its position as a high-end, scientifically-driven genomics partner in the growing biotech hub at the North Carolina Research Campus, Kannapolis, NC. As part of this expansion, Eremid is set to grow its world-class science team, add to its range of high-specification genomics instruments and automation, and advance its GxP capabilities. Adding to its existing CLIA-certified lab, these developments will help expand the company’s capacity to meet the growing demand for high-end genomics with clinical samples.

Eremid’s scientific staff already support research and clinical studies using technologies from leading genomics companies, including Illumina, PacBio, 10X Genomics, ThermoFisher, and Nanostring. The additional investment from CCC is enabling the company to take this a significant step further with the acquisition of the PacBio Revio system, which offers a 15-fold increase in throughput in long-read sequencing compared to existing PacBio Sequel IIe systems. The Revio system will be a key component in the company’s genomics toolbox, enabling larger-scale studies and novel applications.

Eremid will also use this new investment to expand its GxP offering with a new LIMS system and supporting infrastructure, and work towards achieving a College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation. Combined, these developments will enable the company to continue providing top-tier genomics services with greater capacity and capability for large-scale clinical applications and studies in human genetics, cancer research, agricultural genomics, and nutritional sciences.

“This new investment is a substantial milestone and we are grateful for Coddle Creek Capital’s unwavering support and shared commitment to advancing genomics research,” said Julian Abery, Chief Business Officer at Eremid. “The investment will enable us to expand our world-class science team, instrumentation, and infrastructure, and deliver top-tier clinical genomics services and bioinformatics at a larger scale with the same quality our customers have come to expect.”

John Allen, General Partner at Coddle Creek Capital, added: “Our focus has always been to invest in scientific excellence and Eremid already provides access to advanced genomics expertise and technology. “Here, we are reinforcing our commitment to the company and wider genomics community, enabling Eremid to take its clinical genomics services to the next level, meeting the demand for high-end expertise and data, and supporting larger, more intricate studies.”

For more information on Eremid Genomic Services, visit https://eremid.com.

Editor’s notes

Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC

Eremid® Genomic Services is a high-end contract research organization, focusing on science that influences human health and longevity. The company offers specialist expertise in human health, nutrition, and agbiotech, delivering high quality science and research-enhancing data through customized, collaborative projects. Eremid has invested in world-class scientific staff, and cutting-edge genomic instruments and automation to create a unique offering that meets the increasing demands for higher data quality, reliability, and accuracy in genomics research. The company forms the cornerstone of a biotech hub based on the North Carolina Research Campus, offering collaboration and partnership opportunities, and serving both the local and wider scientific communities.

Coddle Creek Capital

Coddle Creek Capital is a life science venture capital fund centered on developing, fostering, and propagating a regional ecosystem that continues beyond the length of the fund investments. The organization focuses on commercializing innovations in the underserved markets of New Mexico and North Carolina. It embraces companies that invest in exceptional teams and big ideas that capitalize on emerging trends that are changing the world. The fund invests in early-stage growth companies that have demonstrated proof-of-concept and market traction through purchase order and/or securing strategic investors, and are looking to enter a stage of accelerated growth.



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